My family bought me an Pentax Espio 140V when I was about 12 for my travelling’s with ballet company and I still love using film cameras. During my studies in Russia, Yacobson Ballet Theatre, I got first digital. It was Sony DSC-W90. I took many pictures about myself, backstage and travelling’s with ballet company. When I got Canon 7D, during studied in Tallinn University, my interest in photography became more technical and practical, I started to create accessories for photography. There was a time, when I used Nikon d7000, but system and buttons wasn’t for me so I sold it and moved to my first full frame Sony a7RII.  Now I focus on product-portrait-reportage-editorial photography with a secret passion for a nature and documentary.

My inspiration come from nature, animals, folklore, fairy tales, mythology, holidays and life.


Killud, Bebe Organic, Noortebänd, Tallinn Design Festival, Tallinn Architecture Biennale, Tallinn Music Week, Estonian Music Days, VegGuru, Tudeng TV, Tallinn University Photo Club


16.11.18 UDJA: Current Value @Viktoria Restoraan ja Sündmuskeskus

“Meid kotib” november 2017, Tartu: Omicum, Tartu Ülikool

“Raamist välja linnaruum” 2016 & 2015. Kultuurikatel, Tallinn.


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“Eesti JA Põhjamaad – Eesti KUI Põhjamaa?” Tartu Ülikooli eetikakeskus, p.92